Shock and Horror

March 13, 2011
By Holly Jennings

While not a typical headline for a food story, shock and horror is what I felt when seeing this grab-and-go packing in the produce section of my local grocery store, while looking for limes for margaritas. (The club is cooking Mexican, after all.)

I rarely shop at supermarkets, though it’s a good idea to go every so often to keep abreast of the latest in food packaging, even if I leave feeling dismayed.

In this particular bit of packaging ingenuity,  a plastic suitcase with a handle allows you to grab about four Mandarin oranges with just one hand.  In contrast, the human hand can only grab one or two Mandarin oranges, depending on the size of the hand. Have the packagers convinced themselves that they are doing humankind a service by using this zippy packaging to promote fruit to consumers that might otherwise be drawn to the zippy packaging used for less healthy food choices? I wonder.

My next post, I promise!, will be about Mexican cooking—so that I can share something that is affirming, beautiful, and sarcasm free with you.