DCCC Picks

The following is a list of all the books DCCC members picked during the club’s three-year run in Vermont. Reviews of all of these books are posted on this site (as well as delicious recipes from the books).


The Korean Table: From Barbecue to Bibimbap by Taekyung Chung and Debra Samuels (Suggested by DCCC member Bhakti Ziek)

Summer review: During the summer we did a review of all previous DCCC picks.

At that point, our club had been at it for nearly three years, and as a result we had more than a dozen new books on our shelves plus leftover pantry and freezer ingredients from each to boot. A review helped us use up leftover spices, sauces, dried legumes, whatever. But it also enabled us to pick and choose recipes from all the books based on what was in season. (In Vermont, the growing season is particularly short, and so it seems a shame not to be to utilize everything as it comes available.)

Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi (Suggested by DCCC member Judy Stermer)

The Breath of a Wok by Grace Young and Alan Richardson (Suggested by DCCC member Jennifer Megyesi)


Secrets of a Jewish Baker by George Greenstein (Suggested by DCCC member Sam Heffernan)

The New Portuguese Table by David Leite (Suggested by DCCC member Holly Jennings)

Ripe by Nigel Slater (Suggested by DCCC member Tamara Morgan)

Fat by Jennifer McLagan (Suggested by DCCC member Wendy Forbes)

Thai Food by David Thompson (Suggested by DCCC member Melanie Consandine)


70 Traditional African Recipes by Rosamund Grant (Suggested by DCCC member Judy Stermer)

A comparison of three food magazines: Saveur, Eating Well, and Cook’s Illustrated (Suggested by DCCC member Jenn Megyesi)

Global Grilling by Jay Solomon (Suggested by DCCC member Sam Heffernan)

Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread by Crescent Dragonwagon (Suggested by DCCC member Miriam Kill)

The Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy (Suggested by DCCC founder and member Holly Jennings)

The Food and Wine of Greece by Diane Kochilas (Suggested by DCCC member Georgia Cone)


Entice with Spice by Shubhra Ramineni (Suggested by DCCC founder and member Holly Jennings)