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Is Dowdy Corners a real place?

Yes. Identified as such on only the most detailed maps, it is a crossroads of two dirt roads not far from the town center of Randolph, Vermont. For more details about Dowdy Corners, see “About Dowdy Corners” under About.

Is DCCC still operating as a club and accepting new members?

For the time being, no. I have left the regs and rules I developed for the club in place under the Club Folder in the hope that this material will be of help to anyone interested in starting up their own cookbook club.

Is there a recipe conversion tool on the DCCC blog?

I’ve included a link to a site a with a recipe conversion tool under Links.

Is there a resource for ingredient substitutions on the DCCC blog?

I’ve included a link to an ingredient substitution site called The Cook’s Thesaurus under Links. You may also find The Food Substitutions Bible by David Joachim and The New Food Lover’s Companion by Sharon Tyler Herbst and Ron Herbst helpful (there is a list of ingredient equivalents in the back of the latter book). However, to best assess the recipes in a cookbook, I recommend, for at least the first time you are trying a recipe, that you use the exact ingredients listed in the recipes. If you do need to substitute something, start with the cookbook author’s suggestions for substitutions. If there are none, these two resources will help you find suitable substitutions.