Who Gets to Suggest the Next Book?

Note: DCCC is not currently taking new members or functioning as a cookbook club. In the hope that the guidelines I developed for DCCC might be of use to anyone thinking of starting up their own club, I have left the following in place as a resource.

To help everyone keep track of whose turn it is to make the next three DCCC cookbook suggestions, I’ve listed below all of the eligible members and the months their book will be the club pick. To learn about how DCCC cookbooks are picked and who is eligible to make cookbook suggestions, read “How We Pick DCCC Cookbooks” in the Club Folder.

Note that in the effort to move through the list of members as quickly as possible—to give everyone a chance to make cookbook suggestions within a reasonable amount of time—DCCC chapter clubs are counted as one member.

Also, out of fairness to club members who participant 100 percent of the time, members who pass on doing two or more consecutive books will be bumped to the bottom of the book suggestion queue.

If you’re next on the list, please send me your three cookbook suggestions two weeks before the upcoming DCCC potluck. As we rotate through the list, the member next in line will be moved up to the top of the list.

Who Suggested the Current book?


Who’s Up Next?

Melanie (book suggestions due mid Nov for Dec/Jan/Feb book)



Denver Chapter










Order of Rotation

The order is based chronologically, on the date each member joined DCCC. If more than one member joins at the same time, the order is set alphabetically, by last name. Asterisks denote number of times member has had opportunity to suggest a DCCC pick. If a member has participated less than 50 percent of the time since joining, they forfeit their opportunity to suggest a book for the club until the next time their name comes up in rotation.

  1. Holly***
  2. Sam**
  3. Jenn**
  4. Judy**
  5. Melanie*
  6. Wendy*
  7. Tamara*
  8. Bhakti*
  9. Denver Chapter (Bev Morrow, facilitator)
  10. Erich
  11. Karen
  12. Tamera