Start a DCCC Chapter

Note: DCCC is not currently taking new members or functioning as a cookbook club. In the hope that the guidelines I developed for DCCC might be of use to anyone thinking of starting up their own club, I have left the following in place as a resource.

If you don’t live near the home of my local club, or near a DCCC chapter, you can start your own club. This will give you the opportunity to meet with friends, or make new friends in your community, and help to support local bookstores, farmers, and markets. If you’re interested in starting a chapter, the content in the Club Folder will give you guidance on how to run a club. Hosts of DCCC chapters are encouraged to send me a synopsis of their club’s thoughts about each DCCC cookbook so that I include them in my summary book reviews.

Each DCCC club, or “chapter,” will have an opportunity to suggest three titles for the club’s book pick. Once a new chapter has five members, it will be added to the list of members eligible to suggest the next DCCC cookbook pick in the order in which it was formed. (As a minimum member number for chapters, five isn’t arbitrary; it’s the minimum number required to receive a book club discount at most bookstores.) To see who or which chapter is up next on the list, go to the “Member Rotation” page in the Club Folder.

For the purpose of rotating as speedily as possible through the list of members making book suggestions, each new chapter will be considered as one member. After a chapter has had a turn at suggesting the next DCCC book, we’ll continue to cycle through the list to the next member—be it another chapter or an individual member in the original DCCC.