Recipe Testing

Note: DCCC is not currently taking new members or functioning as a cookbook club. In the hope that the guidelines I developed for DCCC might be of use to anyone thinking of starting up their own club, I have left the following in place as a resource.



Thank you for participating in DCCC. There is no particular minimum number of recipes you must make from each book, though I do ask members to try to test at least three.


By test, I mean that the recipes should be followed closely. And whenever possible, the exact ingredients called for or substitutions suggested by the author should be used. Otherwise, how can we determine if the recipes can be followed successfully and produce good results?


If you wish, you may use the DCCC Recipe Testing Worksheet to help you keep track of your experience, thoughts, and reactions while making recipes. (Download the PDF at the top of this page to print it out.) If answering all of the questions on the worksheet is too time consuming, please focus on questions nine and ten. These are the most important.


Using the testing worksheet is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. Some cooks are very interested in learning how to test recipes, and if you’re one of them, using the worksheet will give you a good idea of the detailed evaluation and note taking that goes into recipe testing.


I realize that  many cooks are improvisational by nature. If that description fits you, feel free, if you wish, to improvise some recipes—to adapt a dish or create something inspired by one of the recipes.  I want all types of cooks to have fun in this club. Whatever you do, please share your exploits with the club.


Between meetings, you can use the DCCC blog to let other DCCC members and readers know about your findings as well as your creative exploits inspired by the cookbook. (See “Submit Postings” in the Club Folder to learn more about how to do this.) Please bring your favorite of the recipes you tried to the potluck meeting.